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Knight's "A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels"
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How Culture Affects & Effects Truth-Seeking

Is Nanette Crist's rendition of Jesus the Christ an example of the "Cecile B. DeMille Effect;" i.e., Coloring Truth by Art, Film or Mass Media Interpretation?

An Epistemological Example:

Note How Epistemology Affected People's Responses to this Key Question...

Of all the things the Christ said or did while on earth as Jesus of Nazareth, what is the best evidence that He was indeed the Christ, Messiah, Son of God?

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What Challenges You Most About Christianity
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Previous Topics of Questions Include Whether Jesus Lied,
and Whether Christians View Homosexuality As Wrong

Got Questions, Tough Questions?

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Our Mission


We seek to answer the tough questions faced by followers of the Christ by seeking Him through the guidance of Holy Spirit, and digging deeper into the evidence of His life and works. We seek to dig deeper into the Scriptures, the history of humankind, and the attributes of the natural world. We seek an answer to one question–Is the Christ who He claims to be?  We assert history, Scripture and the natural world are the evidence base upon which to answer this question, logically, empirically, and spiritually.


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All Four Gospels as One Gospel
Studying the Gospels as the Gospel: An Integrated Approach


  1. The Translation and the Introduction to the Good News, Pages xxv-15:
  2. Early Life of the Christ on Earth as Jesus of Nazareth, Pages 17-26
  3. Ministry Preparation: The Ground is Plowed, Pages 27-45:
  4. The Physician in Galilee: Jesus Rips Off Band-Aids, Pages 46-72:
  5. The Physician in Galilee: Jesus Rips Off Band-Aids, Pages 73-101

The Last Days of His Preaching & Ministry in Judea & Perea
Reading Assignment:

  1. Pages 103-118 (Six-A)
  2. Pages 119-129 (Six-B)
  3. Pages 131-138 (Six-C)
  4. Pages 139-142 (Six-D)
  5. Pages 143-148 (Six-E)
  6. Pages 148-154 (Six-F)
  7. Pages 155-163 (Six-G)
  8. Pages 163-176 (Six-H)
  9. Pages 177-181 (Six-I)

Jesus' Final Days in Jerusalem
Reading Assignment (pages 183-221):

  1. Sanhedrin Plots: Lazarus the Spoiler (Seven A)
  2. Just What Does Belong to Caesar? Per. 165
  3. Dialectic, Political & Theological Tests 193-196
  4. The Olivet Discourse: Prophetic Wrestling

The Trial & Crucifixion of Jesus
Reading Assignment (pages 223-241)

  1. Jesus is Betrayed & Arrested


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"A Word from the Rock"

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A Study of James' Epistle


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A Recent Challenge Question to Digging Deeper:

"When (I think it is when and not if) science is able to show that there are many degrees of sexuality within the human genome as there are eye colors, how will the church handle this information? If a gay or transgender person is truly born that way, then God made them that way. How can it be an abomination to Him? How can it be a sin? How can The Word be inerrant?"

Here's Our Researched Response to Their Intriguing Inquiry--Read

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—Basically Fundamental—

"What Must I Do to Be Saved?"

The Nature of Holy Spirit

Just What is "Caesar's?"

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Background Readings & Thought Provokers—

A Previous Challenge Question
If Jesus never lied, why did He tell people
"Only Father God is good?" See Matthew 10:18

Here's how one of our class members,
Tricia Brannon handled the question—as an indication of Trinity.

And here's another response to the question, Did Jesus Lie?
D. Thomas Porter—the full nature of assessing ethicality.

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